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A Little Hatred – Joe Abercrombie

The Age of Madness 1 “When one man knowingly kills another, they call it murder! When society causes the deaths of thousands, they shrug and call it a fact of life.” So what’s the book about? In a world where the proverbial dagger in the back is taken literally, it is dangerous without allies. This is not only felt by the soldier Leo dan Brock, who waits for the king’s help on the bitterly contested border of Angland. Savine dan Glokta, daughter of the most hated man in the Union, must also realise on her way to the top ofContinue Reading

The Fires of Vengeance – Evan Winter

The Burning 2 “Keep fighting, and I swear that before it consumes us, we’ll burn our pain to ash in the fires of vengeance.” So what’s the book about? Tau and Queen Tsiora are desperate to stay alive against an impending attack against the natives of Xidda, so they create a dangerous plan so this attack can be stopped. For stopping, the attack only serves to allow the Queen and her fellow riders to gather their strength so that a major attack can be launched against their own capital. For the capital is ruled by none other than her sister,Continue Reading

We Lie with Death – Devin Madson

The Reborn Empire 2 “When you’ve lived out of the world as long as I have you realize how foolish such things as titles and gold are. You begin to measure wealth in knowledge and respect instead.” So what’s the book about? In Kisia’s conquered north, a new empire is born, the Empire of Levanti. The Levanti are broken within. On the one hand, Dishiva is loyal to the new emperor, trying to remain true to herself and the values of the people, and yet she must also bow to new construction of life. But Rah refuses to bow toContinue Reading

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”

George R.R. Martin

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