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Stone of Farewell – Tad Williams

Memory, Sorrow & Thorn Book 2 He was not great; he was, in fact, very small. At the same moment, though, he was important, just as any point of light in a dark sky might be the star that led a mariner to safety, or the star watched by a lonely child during a sleepless night. So what’s the book about? Over the once so beautiful land of Osten Ard lies darkly looming the shadow of the undead Elven Prince Ineluki, who as Storm King wants to renew the rule of the Elves in Osten Ard and, to avenge oldContinue Reading

Breach of Peace – Daniel B. Greene

“I am still mad.” She met his eyes. “But we could be about to die, so, priorities.” He smiled down at her. “Priorities.” So what’s the book about? When an imperial family is found slaughtered, the Officers of God are called in to investigate. Evidence points to a rebel group trying to strike fear into the heart of the Empire. It is up to three inspectors to find the underlying cause of it. One Rivalle Chapman, who is the genius of the Officers of Gods, accompanies inspector Khlid and her husband Samuel. However, even if it initially sounds like aContinue Reading

Klara and the Sun – Kazuo Ishiguro

But then suppose you stepped into one of those rooms,’ he said, ‘and discovered another room within it. And inside that room, another room still. Rooms within rooms within rooms. Isn’t that how it might be, trying to learn Josie’s heart? No matter how long you wandered through those rooms, wouldn’t there always be others you’d not yet entered? So what’s the book about? Klara is an AF, i.e. an artificial intelligence created to be a child’s companion and good friend. From the window of a toy shop, she closely observes what is going on outside, studies the behaviour ofContinue Reading

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”

George R.R. Martin

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