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The Last Wish – Andrzej Sapkowski

The Witcher 0.5 “People,” Geralt turned his head, “like to invent monsters and monstrosities. Then they seem less monstrous themselves. When they get blind-drunk, cheat, steal, beat their wives, starve an old woman, when they kill a trapped fox with an axe or riddle the last existing unicorn with arrows, they like to think that the Bane entering cottages at daybreak is more monstrous than they are. They feel better then. They find it easier to live.” So what’s the book about? What does a Witcher do to earn the bread in the soup? How do you cure a man-eatingContinue Reading

The Girl and the Mountain – Mark Lawrence

The Book of the Ice 2 There had been a great fire and there had been a great flood. Both are forces of nature that sweep clean, that wipe the slate and promise a new beginning. Thurin had been the cause of the fire and of the flood. And yet both had failed to wash away his desire to be with Yaz of the Ictha: the girl for whom the stars shone brighter. So what’s the book about? Yaz has lost her friends and must now fight alone against newfound enemies. For the priests, who are considered authority figures forContinue Reading

The Heart of What Was Lost – Tad Williams

Memory, Sorrow & Thorn Book 3.5 “We survive. But when survival is the only goal, what do the survivors become?” So what’s the book about? Osten Ard is once again at a crossroad. King Simon’s and Duke Isgrimnur’s warriors have succeeded in pushing the Norns back into their stronghold in the mountains. The war seems over, but the killing continues. Not content with their victory, the mortals seek to wipe out the Norn people entirely. Then word spreads that the ancient Norn Queen Utuk’ku is not dead at all, but merely in a death-like sleep from which she will return.Continue Reading

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”

George R.R. Martin

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