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The Jasmine Throne – Tasha Suri

“I have always made myself into what was required of me. I have always belonged to someone else. My father, my mother, my husband. And I think I want something- someone- that is mine.” So what’s the book about? Ahiranya is a nation ruled by a fanatical emperor while dealing with a disease called rot. In the process, this nation stands on the precipice. The citizens feel increasingly dissatisfied towards the Paraijatdvipan rule. Malini now spends her days imprisoned by the fanatic emperor who is her brother. But the place that is her prison is actually an ancient temple thatContinue Reading

The Legion of Flame – Anthony Ryan

Draconis Memoria – Book 2 “Money is best thought of as a shared delusion. An unspoken fraudulent compact between the rich and the poor ascribing value to worthless tokens in return for the illusion of societal security.“ So what’s the book about? The White Dragon has awakened – and with it the horror that is coming over the people. Desperate now, Lizanne Lethridge, Mandinorian secret agent, and Claydon Torcreek, former street thief and member of the Arradsian Inland Expedition, try to find a way to successfully defy the White Dragon as it raises a vast army of dragons and spoiledContinue Reading

The Burning God – R.F. Kuang

The Poppy War Series – Book 3 “You don’t fix hurts by pretending they never happened. You treat them like infected wounds. You dig deep with a burning knife and gouge out the rotten flesh and then, maybe, you have a chance to heal.” So what’s the book about? Rin does not give up despite her losses, because she wants to do everything to prevent the destruction of the Dragon Republic as it now exists. In order to survive in this bloody battle, she must also look for new allies. And she finds them in her old home, the southernContinue Reading

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”

George R.R. Martin

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